Are You A Great CEO?

Submitted By Barb Krantz Taylor | The Bailey Group

Here is what some of today’s leadership experts say about CEO leadership— following is our pop quiz:

“The key issue is that board of directors and the CEO must embrace leadership development as a business tool.  They must espouse it, invest in it and view it as a necessary competitive advantage.” Peter D. Crist, Korn Ferry

“The leader is a person who does not do it himself.  The leader is a person who works with and through others to achieve a vision.” Marshall Goldsmith, Executive Coach and author.

“Strong CEO’s create effective followers not through fear and intimidation but through realistic performance appraisal and risk-reward applause.” Frederick W. Wacherle, Author of The Right CEO.

“For decades, we have talked about the traits of successful leaders and tried to find ways to develop those traits.  But I would say that’s only half the equation.  Leaders can look pretty, talk nice, and dance well, but if they don ‘t get results, they’re not good leaders.” Warren Wilhelm, author of Learning Architectures.

Question 1: What are you doing to develop your leaders?

  • I have invested in myself as a leader and have created my own philosophy/values around being a leader.
  • I have supported leadership development opportunities for my high potential leaders.
  • I meet regularly with my senior leadership team and part of that agenda is about leadership development efforts throughout the company.
  • Other—please describe

Question 2:  How do you truly involve and empower your direct reports?

  • I have articulated and engaged in a dialog with other key leaders about where the organization is going and what we are about.
  • I get a kick out of the success of others and I actively support their development, accepting responsibility for failure and giving credit to others for success.
  • I spend my time as a CEO should, and I am not a bottleneck to decision-making and action.
  • Other—please describe

Question 3:    How and what kind of feedback do you offer?

  • I notice the good things my people do and provide specific and authentic positive feedback.
  • I provide feedback in a timely fashion to my direct reports about what I observe that is ineffective about their work style.
  •  I lead my senior team in dialogue about the effectiveness of our team.
  • Other—please describe.

Question 4:  Is your company performing well against your goals?

  • My leaders and I have articulated our yearly goals to the rest of the organization and linked them to corporate strategy
  • My leaders and I have clearly articulated our priorities so the company spends it’s time on the right things
  • The company provides adequate resources to critical projects that match our priorities
  • Other-please describe

So, how did you do?  If you’d like to discuss your answers with The Bailey Group, we can help you figure out your grade. Call us today  763-545-5997 .