Avoid the Hazards – Ignite Your Selling Potential

By Susan Lund

One of the things I appreciate about technology is that I can avoid the hazards of traffic or road closures by using my GPS and google maps.

In sales, there are 7 Costly hazards that are outlined in my new sales book, Ignite Your Selling Potential -7 SIMPLE Accelerators to Drive Revenue and Results FAST.  Use this book like GPS to avoid these hazards and save yourself valuable time and money, and accelerate your sales.  We will briefly outline these hazards here so you can avoid them, however a more detailed explanation can be found on pages 35-38 in the book.

  1. Blind Spots

When driving, a blind spot is an area slightly behind the driver’s field of vision that is not reflected in the rear view mirror. In sales, blind spots are things you are doing that put you at risk that you are not aware of, such as telling instead of listening.

  1. Activity Trap

People are inundated with emails, text messages and communication today.  It’s easy to get caught up in the activity trap and become consumed with activity that prevents us from achieving our goals. On average, people tap into less than 50% of their potential. By igniting your selling potential, you can avoid this hazard and focus on the 20% of activity that produces 80% of your results.

  1. Winging It

While winging it is easy and requires no preparation, it’s a formula for failure.  The formula for success is to prepare and plan. When you fail to plan and go into cruise control, you plan to fail.

  1. Entitlement

Accept responsibility for your growth. Avoid the hazard of thinking your company is perfect or owes you something.

  1. Being the expert

When things are green, they are growing; when they are ripe, they rot. Don’t be a know it all. Continually learn, listen and grow. Strive to make those around you the expert.

  1. Lack of belief in self or others

If you lack belief in yourself, that lack of belief will translate to others and hinder your relationships. Believe in yourself and believe in others. You will be amazed at how this will enhance your relationships.

  1. Wrong metrics

Measuring the wrong activities, the ones that don’t lead to the end results, is one of the most common hazards that individuals, teams and organizations face. Measure the activities that matter most.


  1. Take inventory of your hazards by asking “Which hazards am I experiencing?
  2. Next, list the hazards you can avoid.

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