Listen and learn from present Inner Circle Twin Cities members:

“My peers are not into ‘Minnesota Nice,’ and are very direct with their comments and insights. They don’t hold back, but that’s why I joined them. Often I say, ‘I never thought of it that way….’ The group has forced me to think outside that box”. Tony Belden, Engineering America, Inc.

“The Vision Quest was more just a business plan, which I had done prior to purchasing my business. It focuses on not just the business and how you want to improve there but also how you want to incorporate that into your life.” Riley Harlan, Owner, SYMTEC Corporation

“With the issues I was facing in transition, I really had to get some help. Inner Circle is like a board of directors, you have people that have been through these kinds of problems before or if they haven’t they know people who have.” Dave Linder, President, Linder’s Greenhouses, Inc.

“One of the key concepts is working on your business not in your business. That’s one of those concepts that you hear and you say, well of course, it is a universal truism. The reality of it is when you go to execute it and live it to live.” Michael Mattiuz , IRIS Consulting Corporation

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