Slow Down to Speed Up and Accelerate Your Sales

by Susan A. Lund

One thing I have learned from years of running and coaching runners is that to go fast, we have to “Slow Down to Speed Up”. It sounds counter intuitive, however as I began to run more, I learned the importance of slowing down to speed up. This is true for every sport, including sales.

In the sport of sales, when individuals and teams are missing their sales goals, then what?  What happens when your team is behind their revenue goals?  The natural inclination is to speed up, however one must first slow down to speed up and assess and identify what can be done differently.

What happens when one doesn’t slow down to speed up? CEO’s and business owners continue to experience more challenges such as missed revenue goals, inconsistent or unpredictable sales, difficulty differentiating your solutions from the competition, attrition and challenges in accelerating sales. You can avoid these challenges by slowing down to speed up.

How can you slow down to speed up?  First, you must assess your selling potential as an individual and team.  Find out what you are doing well and what you can do differently to accelerate sales.

In 15 minutes you can KNOW YOUR SCORE, what you are doing well and what you and your team can do better to accelerate your sales.

Quickly access this assessment by going to and click on “Assess Your Potential”.

Next, you need an action plan.  Get started in the right direction with a 30 minute FREE consult post completion of your assessment.

What can you expect if you slow down to speed up?  The average Individuals and teams who have used the methods in Ignite Your Selling Potential have gained 31 new clients in 90 days!


  1. Slow down to speed up!
  2. Know Your Selling Potential Score
  3. Avoid the hazard of doing the same thing and expecting a different result

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