Unshackling Productivity

Submitted By Brad Lantz | Inner Circle Twin Cities

How do you create growth and increase productivity in your company?

Management experts agree that one of the most critical challenges in business today is to find new ways to create growth and productivity. The best answer lies in identifying and releasing your untapped talent, creativity, and passion of the people in your organization. But how can leaders create an environment committed to excellence?

The solution lies in developing an interactive, high-energy process that involves and engages clients strategically, intellectually, and creatively – creating an Absolute Advocates system.

Going back to the opening paragraph’s best answer – in order to release the untapped talent, creativity, and passion of your people, you must first be willing to unshackle the energy, ideas and talents that your people have.

This will probably mean an adjustment of your culture and you the leader! Yet, in most corporate cultures, the boss does not want to let go to the degree needed, so the people remain shackled.

Most managers try to standardize human behavior and yet, research has shown that anyone who fights human nature will lose. The easier way is to try to draw out the gifts and energy that is already there, ready to be tapped. This is simpler to grasp than to implement.

Enlightened leaders who consistently communicate the end game and allow their people to figure out how to get there find that it frees their people and they will get better results.

This will require managers to delegate responsibility and authority (responsibility without authority will not work in the long-term), and to tolerate some mistakes in order to stimulate people to take initiative. The delegation process requires validation and certain steps or you could realize disastrous results. Relationships and involvement with your people are two critical elements.

Research shows that challenging and meaningful work is consistently a critical factor in ensuring your people feel positive about the work they do.

In McDermott and Sexton’s book, Leading Innovation, they use the LOOP Leadership Model which points out four challenges that leaders must address in order to lead innovation.

LOOP is an acronym for:

  • Linkage – Help the people to understand the organizations, business challenges, the roles that they play, and the most important objectives, and the benefits for them and you.
  • Obstacles – Identify obsolete policies and procedures, resource issues, mindsets, behaviors, and other inhibitors.
  • Opportunities – What changes and improvements should be made?
  • Plans – Build commitment to the plan and ask your people to help the organization make it a way of life.

The authors state that you must realize that once you find answers to LOOP, it is not an endpoint. You can’t stop your search; it is the beginning point to find the next area of innovation.

Always find ways to stimulate your own and others’ thinking, or how to raise everyone’s awareness about innovations and changes to be made to your organization. Don’t change your leadership style based on the latest business book you read–that is chaos, not leadership.

Remember, increasing productivity is a process that is ongoing. In the journey, be open and seek help.